How Am I Progressing? Report

Students can easily monitor their own performance on assignments with this report. The goal of the report is to focus students’ attention on the assignments where they didn’t perform as well as they expected to. This insight informs students on what information they should spend more time studying on before taking the exam.

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Most Challenging Learning Objectives (MCLO) Report

This report shows each student where they are struggling most on the course materials. It then tailors the experience by linking them directly to the content to study. This allows students to make the most of their study time to focus more on what they don't know and less on what they do!

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Practice Quiz Report

Practice makes perfect! Your students can set up and take practice quizzes that test their knowledge and get them comfortable with the course material before the exam. As your students go through questions they missed, they'll get a clear sense of what subject matter they need to go back and review before the actual exam.
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Missed Questions Report

This report tells your students exactly what questions they continue missing by module, letting them know what subject matter seems to continuously trip them up. Your students can then focus more of their attention on those challenging areas of the course more as they prep for exams.
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We recommend you spend a few minutes walking through the Student Reports with your class (hint: to populate your account, go to Student View and answer at least 10 question in SmartBook!)

Once you’ve walked through the reports and benefits, encourage your students to:

  • Use the reports regularly to make their study time more efficient and effective – a little bit of review every day is easier than cramming!
  • Discuss the reports’ results with you for guided feedback.
  • Leverage the reports to make study groups more valuable and productive.

Share the interactive Connect Student Report Finder with your students so they can learn more about the reports for themselves!

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