Category Analysis Report

This report shows how your students are performing relative to your specific course learning objectives, Bloom’s taxonomy and other discipline specific or custom criteria.

How to Use:

If you see students struggling with a specific learning objective, you can focus more class time or online instruction on those challenging concepts. This will help your students grasp those learning objectives better before the exam.

You can also see if students are performing well on basic and more complex materials prior to the exam to ensure students are ready to answer the toughest questions on your assessments. Once inside the report, you can see category results for a single question bank assignment, or compare multiple assignments’ results.

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Student Performance Report

The Student Performance Report helps you search for a specific student in your class and focus on that student’s challenges and study habits across your assignments.


How to Use:

Once you identify your at-risk students, you can proactively work with those students on the subject areas they find most challenging and counsel them on how to best use the resources available to them.

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Most Challenging Learning Objectives (MCLO) Report

This report provides class wide data on which objectives are most challenging for your class.


How to Use:

Optimize your class lessons and exam topic review by spending more time on the most challenging objectives, and less time on what they already know.  This can help ensure your class gets the help they need prior to the exam to improve their performance rather than finding out after the exam they weren’t ready.

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to Prep for Exams

Your students can take control of their student performance with reports of their own. When prepping your class for their next exam, show your students the reports and explain that each one can help cut down their study time by telling them the areas of the course they need to spend more time on.

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