Practice Quiz Report

Practice makes perfect! You can set up and take practice quizzes that test your knowledge and get comfortable with the course material before the exam. Make sure you go through questions you missed to get a clear sense of what subject matter you need to go back and review before the actual exam.
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Missed Questions Report

Have you noticed a specific topic in your class that always seems to trip you up on homework assignments? This report tells you exactly which questions you miss most often by module, so you know what subject matter you need to focus on when studying. That way, when you get to the exam, you’ll answer those tough questions easily!.
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Most Challenging Learning Objectives (MCLO) Report

You can save time on studying if you know what your most challenging course content is. This report identifies your most challenging learning objectives and recommends what course material you should spend the most time reviewing. The MCLO Report provides a personalized experience that helps streamline your study time. 

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Once you’ve walked through the reports and benefits:

  • Use the reports when meeting with a tutor to inform the study session.
  • Discuss the reports’ results with your professor for guided feedback.
  • Leverage the reports to make study groups more valuable and productive.

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