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How Are My Assignments Doing?

The lower time, lower score quadrant shows assignments that may be suprisingly difficult or confusing, causing some students to give up.

When to use this report throughout the semester:

The lower time, higher score quadrant may show assignments that might be unexpectedly easy or short, or perhaps that the students are doing some of the work offline.
Each box represents an assignment. Click for average score, time spent, and who has submitted.
The higher time, lower score quadrant shows assignments that may be difficult for the skill or knowledge of your average student.
The higher time, higher score quadrant shows assignments that appear to be well planned and understood.

Assignments are represented as orange boxes on a graph. Placement on the graph is based on the performance (score and time spent) of all students with an attempt. You can quickly see if students did well or fell below expectations. There's deeper data behind each assignment that can provide a picture of student performance and guide any additional instruction you might give on the content in the assessment. Click on each assignment for a quick visual of the average score, time spent, submissions, and topics addressed in the assignment.


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How to Access the Report

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Navigate to the Performance tab at the top of your section overview page and select Insight.

Click the orange dive deeper button at the bottom of the graph.

Select the document icon at the bottom of the graph to view assignment data.

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