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How Are My Students Doing?

The lower time, lower score quadrant shows students who may be at risk of failing and possibly dropping the course.

When to use this report throughout the semester:

The lower time, higher score quadrant indicates students who may have come to class with prior knowledge or skill.
The higher time, lower score quadrant shows students who are likely dissapointed with their results and could need help to turn their efforts into better scores.
Each circle represents a student. Click to see student name, average assignment score, time spent and how many days they opened the assignment before the due date.
The higher time, higher score quadrant likely contains students who appear to be highly engaged in learning.

Each blue dot on the grid represents one student in your course. Based on their score and time on all assignments, Insight shows where they are in relation to your expectations and other students.


This information can give you guidance for proceeding with your instruction or identifying high and low achievers. Each discipline and course are different. Adjust the representation of the visual display by adjusting the settings and filter icons.


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How to Access the Report

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Navigate to the Performance tab at the top of your section overview page and select Insight.

Click the orange dive deeper button at the bottom of the graph.

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