Your Reports to @@Answer01

Below are the recommended reports based on the goals you selected. Simply hover over the colored dots to learn more about each report and click "how to access the report" to find out how to find it within Connect.


And, if a specific report has a student version, you can view it by clicking on the student icon in the top left corner and see how your students can monitor their own class performance!

Get tips for how you can maximize your reports

Get tips for how you can maximize your reports

Tips For Maximizing Reports

Make sure you get the most out of your reports to drive deeper student engagement and success. To maximize the quality of data in your reports, make sure to:

  • Make Connect at least 15% or more of your students' course grade to ensure class wide participation in your Connect course and assignment completion so you have a full picture of your class and individual performance.

  • Assign Connect assignments with start and due dates throughout the term to ensure students are engaging in the content on a regular basis and you have their performance data when it will help you and them the most.

  • Assign SmartBook before class so students learn the core content prior to lecture. You can then identify and spend more time on what is challenging to them, and by not spending time on what they already know, cover higher level content with confidence.

  • Use data from reports in your classroom to optimize your lectures and show students how they perform on assignments and tasks. Students will see just how much you are doing behind the scenes to help deliver the best class for them while reinforcing the need for them to complete their work!