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Student Performance Report

When to use this report throught the semester:

Click on assignment score to review the questions, see submitted answers for that attempt, and manually adjust points.
See individual student performance across all submitted and in progress assignments.

Have you noticed a student or two that seems to struggle during class? The Student Performance Report helps you search for a specific student in your class and focus on that student’s challenges and study habits across your assignments. Once you identify your at-risk students, you can proactively work with those students on the subject areas they find most challenging with the most and counsel them on how to best use the resources available to them.


“We review areas they are having difficulty with and how their level of confidence correlates to their actual mastery of the material.” - Debra Kuhl, Ed.D

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How to Access the Report

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Navigate to the Performance tab at the top of your section overview page and select Reports » Student Performance.

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