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Assignment Results Report

Click on student name for student performace report.

When to use this report throughout the semester:

Click on assignment score for additional detail on submitted answers, number of attempts, and to adjust points.
Red indicates assignment performance between 0-59%. Choose highlight ranges above report to see all color coded performance levels.

The Assignment Results Report shows your entire class’ performance across all of your assignments so you can spot trends. You can view assignment scores listed by student and color-coded into high, medium, and low score ranges, and customize the results.


Professor Donna Wertalik is able to assess student completion and identify any areas highlighted that reflect issues for students.

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How to Access the Report

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Navigate to the Performance tab at the top of your section overview page and select Reports » Assignment results.

Select the section and then choose which assignments you want to view. Use the More Options column to filter the data or change the score style. Then click View Report at the bottom.

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