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Category Analysis Report

Click on question name to open up a window to review the question.

When to use this report throughout the semester:

Evaluate performance by the category of your choice when pulling the report.
See performance within the category by the question.

The Category Analysis Report is the place to go to find out how your students are performing relative to specific learning objectives, Bloom’s taxonomy and other discipline-specific or custom criteria. If you see students struggling with a specific learning objective over others, you can focus more class time or online instruction on those challenging concepts. This will help your students grasp those learning objectives better before the exam. You can identify if students are performing well on both basic and more complex materials prior to the exam to address specific needs to ensure students can answer the toughest questions on your assessments. Once inside the report, you can see category results for a single question bank assignment, or compare multiple assignments’ results. Categories are determined by criteria, such as learning objectives, that are tagged to questions within the assignment(s) you assign.


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How to Access the Report

« Return to Overview

Navigate to the Performance tab at the top of your section overview page and select Reports » Category Analysis.

Select the section and then choose the assignments you want to look at. Use the More Options column to filter the data and date range. Then click View Report at the bottom.

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