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Most Challenging Learning Objectives Report

Most challenging learning objectives listed by module for the class overall.
Students can quickly see which objectives they missed by topic and click on each area to test the knowledge again.
Students can spend time studying objectives by clickling on the page link to go directly to the reading material.

When to use this report throughout the semester:


As the title suggests, this report focuses on identifying which of the learning objectives you’ve assigned are most challenging for your class. With this data in hand, you can optimize your classroom time and deliver more targeted online materials by focusing on the topics your class finds the most challenging. Using data-informed instruction can help student performance on high stakes assessments.

How to Access the Report

How to Access the Report

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Navigate to the Performance tab at the top of your section overview page and select Reports » View All Reports.

Scroll down the page to the Adaptive Assignment Reports section and select LearnSmart.

Select the Module Detsils report in the left hand column.

LearnSmart Report