New Features Available Now

We’ve got some exciting new features to make your students' learning experience even better!



  • Designed for reading in class, referencing, and offline reading

  • Search capabilities, enhanced note taking, and read aloud functionality

  • Easy accessibility on smartphone and tablet through new Read Anywhere App (available for c2018 titles only)


  • Adaptive, personalized learning

  • Assignable content

  • Designed for preparing for class, practicing, and studying

  • Reports available for instructors and students

eBook Read Anywhere App

  • Provides mobile, offline access giving students the ability to access to their c2018 eBook on their phone or tablet to study anywhere, anytime.

  • Notes and highlights made to the text will sync across platforms – so students don’t lose any work whether working in their mobile app or on their laptop.


Our new student interface includes significant accessibility enhancements, including:

  • Improved color contrast
  • Keyboard navigation capability (except Calendar and Gradebook pages)
  • JAWS screen reader capability
  • Keyboard navigation will also be functional in the Power of Process guided reading tool and EZTest for question types that do not include images, such as:
    • True/False
    • Multiple choice
    • Check all that apply
    • Fill in the blank
    • Questions built from our premium question banks

Please note that this is for students using the New Connect interface and may vary by discipline and content.

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