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Study Activities You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

As a college student, you have a lot going on! Between classes, spending time with friends and family, and wanting to do your own thing, there’s limited time to study. Luckily, Connect has fast study activities you can do morning, noon, or night to prep for your classes. With just 5 or 10 minutes to spare, you can make a huge impact on your class performance with minimal effort!

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Connect Activity: Practice Quizzes

Time Spent: 5 Minutes

When you wake up in the morning, reviewing your textbook before class is at the very bottom of your priorities list. While making your morning coffee or with the 5 minutes you have before class starts, use Connect’s practice quizzes to get some quick studying in.


Practice quizzes are the fastest and most engaging way to test your knowledge and help you hone in on areas of the course you’re struggling with. Just select the chapters you want to review and create practice quizzes tailored to your own individual learning.

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Connect Activity: Recharge

Time Spent: 10 Minutes

With how much information you’re trying to digest throughout the day, it’s easy to forget some of it as time goes on. Connect Recharge lets you go back and review course content you’ve already learned to make sure you remember and retain the information.


When you’re eating lunch or waiting for your next class to start, take 10 minutes to review course material with Recharge to study for your upcoming exams.

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Connect Activity: Personalized Quizzes

Time Spent: 5 Minutes

After a long day of classes, it’s challenging to get into a studying mindset. Before calling it a night, spend 5 minutes taking a practice quiz or two to test your knowledge and do some quick prep for any exams you may have coming up the next day.

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Use Connect Reports to Maximize Your Studying

Connect Reports tell you exactly how you're doing in your class and where you should be focusing your attention before an exam, so you can spend less time studying and more time doing what you want to do!

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